The Caraxanthin Diet

The Caraxanthin Diet is one of THE most effective and healthy plans today. If you are lucky enough to get an invite, you will be losing pounds easier than ever before. Now meet the team that will be helping you to lose the weight:

Bryan Owens

Bryan Owens created Caraxanthin and the Caraxanthin Diet System. And although he was the one driving the system’s creation, he had a lot of help from doctors, nurses, nutritionists, weight loss experts, supplement specialists, psychologists, and thousands of willing participants who gave their feedback and helped improve the system we have today.

Bryan Owens is dedicated to helping people reach their goal weight and to create a better life for themselves. He has helped in excess of 100,000 people and is on track to reach his goal of helping at least one million to get the body they’ve always wanted and deserve.

In order to serve one million people Bryan has the help of his trusted coaches and team members that most members will be working with on a day-to-day basis:

Kalli Kaufman

Kalli did the Caraxanthin Diet System almost 5 years ago. She struggled to lose weight because she had issues with her hips from having bilateral hip dysplasia. Her hips hurt too much to exercise and the excess weight was causing more pain day-by-day. With the help of Caraxanthin she got down to the lowest weight she had been for years and it cleared up many other medical issues of hers. She joined Bryan shortly after her success and began helping others to complete the same journey she had successfully completed. Kalli has been instrumental in helping tens of thousands of people to successfully reach their goals. Whether it’s by phone or email she’s there when our members need her.

Kim S.

Kim is the head coach in the member’s area. We you login to the member’s area and ask your questions to the group, she will often times be the one helping you. She keeps the Caraxanthin community together and keeps its members on the right track. Whether you need help with the diet, motivation, or just someone to talk to, Kim is there at all hours of the day in the member’s forum. Kim has successfully used the system to lose weight and also to help alleviate issues like Fibromyalgia. Kim has been an important part of all our client’s success for several years.

Tyler O.

Tyler is the head of our shipping and logistic department. When you receive your package you can be sure it was packed with care and checked for accuracy by Tyler and his small team. He works around the clock to make sure Caraxanthiners around the globe get their supplies quickly and safely. Tyler is one of many working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.